About Us

We Are Elite Industry Solutions, LLC (EIS)


Elite Industry Solutions was formed to bring value to asset managers by delivering comprehensive contractor solutions. Our qualified contractors offer a wide array of services enabling them to successfully execute and complete all projects. Our services enable efficiency through communication with both corporate and field level teams.

Contractor Prescreening

Our contractor screening process is the key element to providing you, the operator with competent and qualified companies. Elite will present a comprehensive portfolio with, at a minimum, a 24-month work history with verifiable references, project scopes and values. This ensures that we are presenting operators with the most qualified contractors that are not only financially stable, but can meet deadlines safely while producing quality workmanship.

Bidding Process

Once a bid package is received, we will distribute the bid package on a per scope basis to our clients that have successfully completed projects of comparable size and scope. Once we send the bids to our clients we will then submit a portfolio with all qualified vetted information back to the operator. This process ensures that the operators team has enough time to research the vetted information and follow up with any additional questions for their internal vetting process. The Elite process will ensure that our in-network contractors will never compromise quality with quantity creating a successful working relationship.


Utilizing Elite Industry Solutions services as a tool within your organization will create a turnkey operation that will greatly reduce the time and overhead used to seek out and prequalify contractors for your projects. It will also provide you with a network of contractors to complete all your asset needs. We look forward to providing our services nationwide.

As a team, we will be successful.

Teamwork makes your Dream — WORK —

At EIS we never stop working on your behalf.  We think outside of the box to bring synergies that lead to solutions to your Team.  Our Vast, Vetted network allows you to focus on your problems, not problems caused by your network.

Creativity + Communication + EIS = SUCCESS!


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Tirelessly Work For Our Clients

Our Strategic Solution

Bringing Asset Managers & Vetted Unbiased Contractors together, allows you to vastly improve your project bid / quote process.

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