When it comes to our values, you’re at the top of the list.

Relationship Engineer Lvl 3

So simple yet so So SO Complex...Define. Develop. Deploy Solutions -- We'll Know
Have you built something? A business...plant...pipeline...location...rickety bicycle ramp? Something?
Work with Creator to define current needs
Have the ability to think outside of the box -- MANDATORY
Possess strong written, verbal and telephone communication skills.
Possess a valid driver’s license
School of Hard Knocks...Stanford...Harvard...Tell us what shaped you!
Have you done anything? Worked anywhere?
Here's your shot to tell us how awesome you are. Shoot!


Has a problem that needs solved
Needs an A Team that will compete
Wants Execution instead of Excuses
Partner who will work until the work is done.
Pays their bills faster than the snow melts in Hawaii


We Rock…

Have you spent your career building?  A business…relationships…assets?  So have we.  We want builders….Bob the builders.  Stack rocks or break them,  whatever our clients need we give.

Life & Culture

Family first.  PERIOD.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Family could be 5 kids, 2 brothers and a goat.  We don’t care.  Define them, protect them and provide for them.  We have your back.


Benefits are expensive, ever changing and typically something you wait to get.  Not at EIS,  we love Profit.  Profit provides.  Benefits start when you do.  Why?  How?  This is weird?  Change your thinking, we are here to make money.  Our Relationships are successful.  Profit Happens…We rock our jobs!  Benefits start when you do.  When do you start?

Seat Open….Want in?

Send us something awesome.  Video…Text…Killer Jokes.  We don’t want trained monkeys…we want LEADERS.  Be something.  Stand for something.

Unabashed Bragging….

The Relationship Ninja’s that make up Elite Industry Solutions have created a new paradigm in business relationships.  Gone are the days of stodgy BD meetings with no substance.  We’ve replaced them with SOLUTIONS.  Solutions that destroy budgets, timelines and substandard quality.  We represent the best of the best.  Those who wish to be measured.  There are no cowards in our ranks,  our Contractor’s live to compete and our Creators demand competition.  We rate, evaluate and CELEBRATE…SUCCESS!